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American Academy of Pediatrics’ report

The AAP, American Academy of Pediatrics, just issued an amazing report supporting a holistic approach for children with special needs

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HANDLE: Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment & Learning Efficiency

I had the special opportunity to ask a real life mom about what HANDLE has done to help her son.

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Therapeutic wha? Therapeutic Listening.

These Quickshifts are basically regular music clips that have been chosen and “sequenced” to help with sensory needs. Think increased

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Physical Therapy. For My Baby?!

Find out when to take your child to see a physical therapist. I had the amazing opportunity to interview pediatric

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Which Restaurants Are Special Needs Friendly for Kids?

What makes a restaurant sensory friendly might not be the same for each person. But if variety is the spice

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What the Heck Is “The Adrienne Process”?

2/12/19 Interview with Adrienne Murphy, Speech-Language Pathologist, MA CCC-SLP I had the pleasure to interview and learn from Adrienne Murphy,

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Let’s Get (Quiet) Coffee

Let’s Get (Quiet) Coffee Sensory Friendly Dining Out Coffee. Talking over coffee. Does it get any better? I was going

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