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The Luxe Coats


The Luxe Coats is a luxury brand focused on designing and creating the finest fur and leather products for their customers.

When they approach us they were at the very beginning of the project without a brand, a name and a plan … just an idea of what they wanted to do. They told us …

“We have one goal in mind, create the best experience and highest level of luxury clothing for our customers to enjoy the elegance, praise, and attention they deserve.” Can you make it happen?

If there is something we love is a friendly challenge!

From name selection to branding and creating a carefully designed marketing plan The Luxe Coats was able to go from idea to over 1MM in about 18 months.

For this project we loved putting the pieces together so that this client could concentrate on what they do best leaving to us the puzzling pieces of creating a great looking & profitable brand.





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